Autodesk-Simulation -Moldflow -Advisor-2016

Rs. 34,500


Module-1-User Interface Review:

  • Discusses how to use the GUI, job manager, & how to customize databases & archive

Module-2-Quick Fill-Pack-Warp Analysis:

  • Step through the general process typically used for any analysis project
  • Project

Module-3-Design Adviser Analysis:

  • Implement how to im­port, and check models from CAD systems
  • Project

Module-4-Gate Location:

  • Explain the procedures to follow to complete and interpret gate location analysis
  • Project

Module-5-Molding Window:

  • Explain the procedures to follow to complete and interpret molding window analysis
  • Project

Module-6-Evaluating the Part Design:

  • Understand part design guidelines, tools for analyzing part design, and how to interpret analysis results
  • Project

Module-7-Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Communicator:

  • Understand features and capabilities
  • Project

Module-8-Report Generator:

  • Shows ways to create reports & available formats
  • Project

Module-9-Modeling Runners:

  • Understand typical gate and runner designs and how to model them
  • Project

Module-10-Runner Adviser & Runner Balance:

  • Understand the importance of balancing runner systems
  • Project

Module-11-Pack & Warp Overview:

  • Understand concepts of pack/hold for injection molds
  • Project

Module-12-Modeling Cooling Circuits:

  • Model cooling circuits with various cooling geometries
  • Project

Module-13-Cooling Analysis Overview:

  • Understand con­cepts of cooling for injection molds
  • Project


Module-14-Effects of Cool over Pack & Warp:

  • Under­stand the differences in the results when running different analysis sequences
  • Project

Module-15-Advanced Modeling Tips & Tricks:

  • Tips for faster and easier runners and cooling line layouts
  • Project Handling Techniques