Autodesk moldflow insight-Foundation-2016

Rs. 37,500

Module-1-Introduction to Synergy:

  • Learn how to navigate and use GUI

Module-2-Analysis Workflow:

  • Understand Moldflow design philosophy and design procedures
    • Project

Module-3-Model Requirements:

  • Understand the mesh characteristics necessary to have for a high quality digital prototype
    • Project

Module-4-Model Translation and Cleanup:

  • Understand workflows necessary to import, mesh and repair all 3 mesh types
    • Project

Module-5-Gate Placement:

  • Gate placement guide­lines & uses of the gate location analysis
    • Project

Module-6-Results Interpretation:

  • Understand results types along with results manipulation and interpretation
    • Project

Module-7-Gate & Runner Design:

  • Typical gate and runner designs and how to model them and conduct a runner balance analysis
  • Project

Module-8-Basic Packing:

  • Review of definitions, proce­dures to set a packing profile, and how to interpret results
    • Project

Module-9-Flow Analysis Process Settings:

  • Understanding of advanced options for a flow analysis along with all solvers and capabilities
    • Project

Module-10-Moldflow Communicator:

  • Review fea­tures and capability of Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Communicator
    • Project

Module-10-Guided Project:

  • Steps through in detail the entire Flow analysis process
    • Project

Module-12-Moldflow Design Principles:

  • Review of the Moldflow design principles and how to apply them
    • Project

Module-13-Flow Leaders and Deflectors:

  • How to use flow deflectors and flow lead­ers to move the location of weld lines and other defects
    • Project

Module-14-Using Valve Gates:

  • Understandes valve gate control methods, and how to set up
  • Project