CSI SAFE 2015-Advanced for Concrete Floor -Foundation Systems

Rs. 18,500

  • You or Your staff will learn the most productive and efficient use of CSI SAFE 2015-Advanced software, maximizing your technology investment.
  • Your staff will receive dedicated training from an expert software user.
  • No need for travel.
  • Problems with current projects has been discussed in great detail.
  • You can select a standard training session, or have one custom-developed specifically for your needs and get lifetime support from us.

Key Benefits & ROI:

  • Analysis and design of regular and irregular slab/mat geometries
  • Finite Element output simplified into Strip moments
  • Rebar design (US,BS,Indian and International codes) presented in map form

Modelling Options

SAFE is specifically design and tested for concrete slab systems. It can handle arbitrary geometries, rectangular or skewed,complex models, such as openings, varied column spacings and free edges, and various loading options. Because it has been developed specifically for the structural engineer designing concrete slabs, input and output for the program is much easier to use and interpret than a general purpose finite element program. The program allows for modelling of:

  • Mat foundations
  • Two way slabs
  • Flat slabs
  • Flat slabs with column capitals
  • Waffle slabs
  • Concrete skip joist floor systems
  • Single and combination footings

We are developing detailed course outline and will publish soon.

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