Moldex3D-Advanced Complete Training

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Key Benefits of this Training:

  • Understanding the basics of the injection molding processes and mold design
  • Understanding the capability of the molding simulation technology
  • The ability to independently set up the analysis
  • The ability to integrate the results of the analysis
  • Recognize the potential issues and solutions of the design

Course Outline and Projects:

  1. Introduc on to injection molding and mold design.
  2. Understanding of problems and solutions
  3. Moldex3D project analysis set up.
  4. Run first simula on on Project part.
  5. Results interpreta ons of the filling,
  6. packing, cooling and warpage results
  7. Results discussion with question and answer.
  8. Preprocessing and Project set up on
  9. Run Analysis Effectively and How to do Step-By-step
  10. Completed/Finished projects are available for review.
  11. Personal results interpreta on and discussion.