7-in-1 Master Mechanical CAD Bundle-Video Training/Tutorials

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Rs. 8,499

7-in-1 Master Mechanical CAD Bundle-Video Training DVD(8.5 GB)

1) AutoCAD-2012(2D-Mech.)-Video Training

2) Pro/Engineer wildfire 5.0-Video Training

3) NX-7.5-Unigraphics-Video Training

4) Ansys V13.0(Level 1)- Video Training

5) Creo 2.0- Sheet Metal Design

6) NX-8.5-Sheet Metal Design

7) NX-8.0-Mold Design Wizard

This is super-duper value for money & at the same having high quality videos, exercise files & hands-on projects developed & recorded by our 15 years of industry expert.

Highly recommended to those wanting to gain expertise in CAD/CAM/CAE.