Primavera P6 Level-02

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ABC Scheduling in Primavera P6

Module001-Understanding CPM Scheduling
1. What scheduling does?
2. CPM
3. Deep drive….

Module002-CPM Scheduling Example
1. CPM Scheduling Example
2. Early start/finish
3. Late start/finish
4. Total Float
5. Critical path plot
6. Impact of CPM over projects

Module003-Scheduling Process in Primavera P6
1. How to start executing scheduling operation
2. Critical path identifications
3. Advanced Critical path –ES,EF,LS,LF
4. Log Files and important info/statistics
5. Tracking Project Finish dates and options
6. Impact of CPM over projects

Module004-Primavera Scheduler Manual Invoke
7. How to manually invoke scheduler for change
8. Why not auto schedule

Module005-Project Dead Line and Total Float concept
1. Total float example
2. Critical path finding
3. Project deadlines
4. Negative total float
5. Project effect based upon critical path and –ve total float

Module006-How to apply must finish by deadlines?
1. Must Finish By configuration
2. After date effect
3. Before date effect
4. Longest path finding

Module007-How to customize Calendars and configure to WBS or activities?
1. Types of Calendars
2. Components of Calendars

Module008-Advanced Calendar Customization
1. How to create calendars
2. How to configure working days
3. How to set non-working days/holidays
4. How to configure working hours of any day/s
5. How to configure half day working

Module009-Assigning Calendars and Advanced options in P6
1. How to ASSIGN PROJECT Calendars to activities
2. How to default typical calendars
3. Faster fill down functionality

Module010-Foundation concepts to Constraints in P6
1. Types of Constraints
2. Flexible and other types of constraints
3. Where to apply which types and why?
4. Tips

Module011-Applying constraints to Projects in P6
1. How to configure Constraints-Primary
2. Role of secondary Constraints
3. How to update projects after constraints config
4. How to document reasons for constraints

Module012-Sorting and Renumbering of Activity Ids
1. How to use Sorting and ways
2. Renumber Activity Ids
3. Increment value
4. Auto-Numbering-99% preferred
5. Replace
6. User defined field sorting