Advanced Sheet Metal Formability Foundation-Kick start

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Chapter 1: Know your Sheet Metal Fundamentals Skills


Chapter 2: ABC of Sheet Metal Formability

Module 1: Manufacture and Processing of Sheet Metals

Module 2: Determination of the Mechanical Properties of Sheet Metal

Module 3: Basic Modes of Deformation in Stamping

Module 4: Defects in Stamping

Module 5: Tests of Formability

Module 6: Press Actions

Module 7: Basics of Draw Die Development

Module 8: Advanced Forming Processes and Technologies

Module 9: Review: State-of-the-Art in Forming Simulation Technology


Chapter 3: Project

Project I: Mechanical Properties of Sheet Metal Materials

Part 1: Review Typical Uni-Axial Force/Extension Data

Part 2: Derive Engineering Stress / Engineering Strain Data

Part 3: Derive True Stress/True Strain Data

Part 4: Derive True Stress/True Plastic Strain


Chapter4: Project

Project II: Practical Assessment of the Post-Formed State


Part 1: Identify and Measure Major and Minor Axes

Part 2: Calculate Major and Minor Strains

Part 3: Plot Major Strains Against Minor Strains

Parts 4 and 5: Identify the Mode of Deformation