ANSYS(V13.0)-Level 1- Video Training/Tutorials

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ANSYS- Video Training



• Understand the basic concepts and general working of FEA.

• Understand how FEA helps ANSYS to solve the problems.

• Understand the advantages and limitations of FEA.

• Understand the types of analysis.

• Understand the important terms and definitions in FEA.

• Start a new file using the ANSYS Product Launcher window.

• Understand the ANSYS Output Window.

• Understand the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of ANSYS.

• Set the analysis preferences and units.

• Learn about the database and files in ANSYS.

• Learn about saving, resuming, and clearing database.


• Create keypoints.

• Create hard points.

• Create lines, arcs, circles, and B-splines.

• Create areas.

• Create and modify workplanes.

• Create and modify coordinate systems.

• Exercises & Projects.


• Create volumes of different shapes.

• Extrude an area.

• Use boolean operations to generate complex shapes.

• Scale, move, copy, and reflect entities.

• Import model from other solid modeling software packages.

• Exercises & Projects.


• Define element types.

• Define real constants.

• Define material properties.

• Create element attributes table.

• Exercises & Projects.


• Understand the concept of mesh generation.

• Understand the concept of mesh density.

• Mesh the solid model.

• Refine the mesh.

• Extrude the mesh.

• Create transitional pyramid elements (Hex-to-Tet meshing).

• Convert degenerate tetrahedral (20 nodes) elements into non degenerate (10 nodes) tetrahedral elements.

• Plot pyramid elements.

• Mesh the beam with orientation nodes.

• Improve the tetrahedral element mesh.

• Understand loads in different disciplines.

• Understand the types of loads in ANSYS.

• Exercises & Projects.


• Solve analysis problems using ANSYS.

• Postprocess the results obtained after solving analysis problems.

• View results using the Results Viewer.

• Exercises & Projects.