REVIT-2013- Video Training

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REVIT-2013-Video Training


  • Understand the basic concepts and principles of Revit Architecture 2013.
  • Understand different terms used in Revit Architecture.
  • Know the parametric behaviour of Revit Architecture.
  • Start the Revit Architecture 2013 software.
  • Use different components of the User Interface screen of Revit Architecture.
  • Access the Revit 2013 Help and Autodesk WikiHelp.
  • Know Worksharing using Revit Server.


  • Start a new project.
  • Set units of various measurement parameters for a project.
  • Understand the concept of snaps, dimensions, and object snaps.
  • Save a project.
  • Modify parameters and settings of a project.
  • Close a project and exit Revit Architecture.
  • Open an existing project.
  • Explore the building model using viewing tools.
  • Use the Navigation tools.
  • Exercises & Projects.


  • Understand the concept of walls.
  • Understand the properties of walls.
  • Use the sketching tools to create walls.
  • Create exterior walls based on the given parameters.
  • Create interior walls based on the given parameters.
  • Exercises & Projects.


  • Understand the concept of doors.
  • Understand various properties of doors.
  • Add doors to the exterior and interior walls.
  • Understand the concept of windows.
  • Understand various properties of windows.
  • Add windows to the building model.
  • Create door and window openings in walls.
  • Add Openings in the Walls.
  • Exercises & Projects.


  • Create a selection set of elements.
  • Move and copy elements.
  • Use the Trim and Extend tools.
  • Use the Cut and Paste tools.
  • Understand the use of the Rotate, Mirror and Offset tools.
  • Create an array of elements using the Array tool.
  • Use the Match, Align, Delete, Lock, and Group tools.
  • Split walls using the Split tool.
  • Exercises & Projects.


  • Understand the concept of levels.
  • Create multiple levels in a project.
  • Understand the usage and concept of using grids in a project.
  • Create rectangular and circular grids in a project file.
  • Use the Work Plane and Reference Plane tools in a project.
  • Create a plan view in a project.
  • Create and understand the usage of the elevation view.
  • Create section views and modify their properties.
  • Understand the use of the Scope Box tool.
  • Exercises & Projects.


  • Understand the concept of floor.
  • Create floors using the Floor tool.
  • Create roofs using the Roof tool.
  • Use the shape editing tools for floor, roof and slabs.
  • Create ceilings using the Ceiling tool.
  • Create openings in the floor, roof and ceiling.
  • Create rooms using the Room tool.
  • Join walls with the other walls and roofs.
  • Exercises & Projects.


  • Add various components to a building model.
  • Create stairs using the Stairs tool.
  • Add railings to various locations in a project using the Railing tool.
  • Understand the procedure of adding ramps to a building model.
  • Add curtain walls with doors and mullions.
  • Copy elements from one level to another.
  • Exercises & Projects.


  • Add tags to building elements using the Tag tool.
  • Add room tags to the interior spaces using the Room Tag tool.
  • Add symbols to project view using the Symbol tool.
  • Create dimensions using various dimensioning tools.
  • Modify dimensions based on given parameters.
  • Add spot elevation to a building model using the Spot Elevation tool.
  • Exercises & Projects.


  • Add drawing sheets to a project using the Sheet tool.
  • Add views to the drawing sheet.
  • Modify view properties of the drawing sheet.
  • Add schedules to the drawing sheet.
  • Modify the building model on the drawing sheet.
  • Create Duplicate Dependent Views.
  • Print drawing sheets and project view.
  • Exercises & Projects.


  • Create a rendered scene.
  • Set natural and artificial lighting.
  • Use different materials and textures.
  • Create and render a walk through.
  • Add people and vehicles to a building model.
  • Use the Decal tool.
  • Exercises & Projects.