SolidWorks-2013-Video Tutorials/Training

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SolidWorks-2013-Video Training


• Understand how to start SolidWorks.
• Learn about the system requirements to run SolidWorks.
• Learn about various modes of SolidWorks.
• Learn about various Command Managers of SolidWorks.
• Understand various important terms in SolidWorks.
• Save files automatically in SolidWorks.
• Change the color scheme in SolidWorks.
• Adv options
• Hot keys
• Shortcut keys


• Understand the need of the sketching environment.
• Open a new part document.
• Understand various terms used in the sketching environment.
• Use various sketching tools.
• Use the drawing display tools.
• Delete sketched entities.

• Exercises & Projects


• Edit sketches using various editing tools.
• Create rectangular patterns of sketched entities.
• Create circular patterns of sketched entities.
• Write text in the sketching environment.
• Modify sketched entities.
• Modify sketches by dynamically dragging sketched entities.

• Exercises & Projects


• Add geometric relations to sketches.
• Dimension sketches.
• Modify the dimensions of sketches.
• Understand the concept of fully defined sketches.
• View and examine the relations applied to sketches.
• Open an existing file.

• Exercises & Projects


• Fully define a sketch.
• Dimension the true length of an arc.
• Measure distances and view section properties.
• Create solid base extruded features.
• Create thin base extruded features.
• Create solid base revolved features.
• Create thin base revolved features.
• Dynamically rotate the view to display the model from
  all directions.
• Modify the orientation of the view.
• Change the display modes of solid models.
• Apply materials to models.
• Change appearances of models.

• Exercises & Projects


• Create a reference plane.
• Create a reference axis.
• Create reference points.
• Create a reference coordinate system.
• Create a model using advanced Boss/Base options.
• Create a model using the contour selection technique.
• Create a cut feature.
• Create multiple disjoint bodies.

• Exercises & Projects


• Create holes using the Simple Hole option.
• Create standard holes using the Hole Wizard option.
• Apply External Cosmetic Threads.
• Apply simple and advanced fillets.
• Understand various selection methods.
• Chamfer the edges and vertices of a model.
• Create the Shell feature.
• Create the Wrap feature.

• Exercises & Projects


• Mirror features, faces, and bodies.
• Create linear patterns.
• Create circular patterns.
• Create sketch driven patterns.
• Create curve driven patterns.
• Create table driven patterns.
• Create rib features.
• Display the section view of a model.
• Change the display state of a part.

• Exercises & Projects


•Edit features.
• Edit the sketch plane of the sketch-based features.
• Cut, copy, and paste features and sketches.
• Delete features and bodies.
• Suppress and unsuppress features.
• Move or copy bodies.
• Reorder features.
• Roll back the model.
• Rename features.
• Use the What’s Wrong functionality.


• Create sweep features.
• Create loft features.
• Create 3D sketches.
• Edit 3D sketches.
• Create various types of curves.
• Extrude 3D sketches.
• Create draft features using the manual and DraftXpert methods.

• Exercises & Projects


• Create dome features.
• Create indent features.
• Create deform features.
• Create flex features.
• Create fastening features.
• Create freeform features.
• Dimensioning a Part Using DimXpert(GD&T-3D)

• Exercises & Projects


• Create bottom-up assemblies.
• Add mates to assemblies.
• Create top-down assemblies.
• Move individual components.
• Rotate individual components.
• Visualize the components of assemblies based on their physical properties.

• Exercises & Projects


• Apply advanced mates.
• Create subassemblies.
• Delete components and subassemblies.
• Edit assembly mates.
• Edit components and subassemblies.
• Replace components in assemblies.
• Create the patterns of components in an assembly.
• Create mirrored components.
• Hide and suppress components in assemblies.
• Change the transparency condition of an assembly.
• Check the interference in an assembly.
• Create assemblies for mechanism.
• Detect collision while the assembly is in motion.
• Create the exploded state of an assembly.

• Exercises & Projects.


• Generate standard drawing views.
• Generate different types of views.
• Generate the view of an assembly in the exploded state.
• Work with interactive drafting.
• Edit drawing views.
• Change the scale of the drawing views.
• Delete drawing views.
• Modify the hatch pattern of the section views.

• Exercises & Projects


• Add and edit annotations in drawing views.
• Add reference dimensions and notes to drawing views.
• Add surface finish and datum feature symbols to drawing views.
• Add geometric tolerance and datum target symbols to drawing views.
• Add center marks, callouts, and centerlines to drawing views.
• Add cosmetic threads and multi-jog leader to drawing views.
• Add dowel pin symbol to drawing views.
• Add Bill of Material (BOM) to drawing sheet.
• Add balloons to assembly.
• Add new sheets in the drawing document.
• Edit the sheet format.
• Create a user-defined sheet format.
• Create magnetic lines.

• Exercises & Projects