Staad.Pro-V8i-Seismic/Earthquake Analysis-Video Training(Downloadable)

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Earthquake Analysis Kick Start(Foundation)


  • IS 1893-2002 Provisions /IBC/UBC
  • Analysis as per seismic/Earthquake code –IS 1893
  • Seismic definition configuration
  • How to configure seismic parameters
  • Seismic Zone Parameter configuration as per IS 1893
  • Response reduction configuration
  • Importance Factor
  • Rock and Soil config
  • Structure type and damping config
  • Imperial calculations (HAND)and implementing on STAAD for X  & Z Periods(Natural Freq)
  • Implementing Base shear equation
  • Horizontal acceleration spectrum(Ah) configuration
  • Seismic weight of structure calculation
  • Seismic weight dead and Live floor weight configuration
  • Design of Imposed Load as per IS 1893 CLAUSE
  • Rules While defining Loads in Seismic Defn
  • Auto Load combination as per IS 1893-2002
  • Seismic Analysis/Print config
  • Analysis data and Change settings
  • Post print Load config
  • Joint Displacement/Reaction/Member post config
  • How to check code compliance as per IS 1893-2002
  • Re assigning design parameters from analysis data
  • Reading critical Analysis data
  • Project