AutoForm Die Advisor-Advanced Training

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Rs. 37,500

The Key benefits of AutoForm-DieAdviser are:

  • Reduces tooling costs due to an efficient wear protection concept that can already be defined during the tooling and engineering phase – it eliminates later complex and expensive tool modifications during tryout or production
  • Substantially improves production efficiency by minimizing rejects, press down time during production and tool maintenance, as well as by allowing for higher press stroke rates and less lubricant consumption
  • Enables cost-effective wear protection according to production volumes
  • Increases the performance and durability of the tool
  • Ensures part quality

The Key features of AutoForm-DieAdviser are:

  • Fast determination of an optimal wear protection concept – within a few minutes!
  • Precise identification of areas with intensive tool wear
  • Comprehensive differentiation of sheet materials (galvanized / non-galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum) and type of parts (structural or outer) for the appropriate wear concept
  • Powerful wear protection concepts that combine:
    - Tool material
      (cast iron, cast steel, cold steel, high-speed steel or special tool steel)
    - Hardening
      (flame, inductive, laser or full hardening or plasma nitriding)
    - Tool coating
      (hard chrome plating, pulse-plasma-diffusion, various PVD and CVD coatings or carbon coating)

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