Estimating the Costing of Stampings and Tooling-FTI Training

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Learn the fundamentals for estimating the cost of stampings and tooling. Included will be an introduction to Activity-Based Costing (ABC) techniques as well as methods and formulas for determining piece price and tooling costs. All Engineers/participants will be performing Projects to determine the piece price and tooling price for stampings.

WHO CAN TAKE OUR ADVANCED COURSE?:R&D Enginners/Designers,GM-Design,ToolROOM ,Cost and Tooling Estimators and Stamping Buyers.

1.0 An Overview of Stamping Estimating

1.1 Methods to Determine Actual Costs
1.2 Estimating with Activity Based Costing

2.0 Determining the Press and Die Type

2.1 An Overview of Mechanical, Tandem and Transfer Press Lines
Project: Selecting a Press for a Specific Need
2.2 Estimating the Cost of a Press Line

3.0 Determining Material Costs

3.1 Determining the Material Weight
Project: Calculating the Blank Weight
3.2 Determining the Total Material Cost
Project: Determining the Material Cost of a Control Arm

4.0 Cost Estimating Stamped Parts

4.1 An Overview of the Factors that Affect Stamping Pricing
Project: Determining the Piece Price for Part Produced from Manual Dies
Project: Determining the Piece Price for Part Produced from Transfer Dies

5.0 Cost Estimating Tooling

5.1 Determing the Cost of Tooling
Project: Amortizing the Blank Die Cost into the Piece Price
5.2 Estimating Tooling Development Time
Project: Determining the Tooling Cost and Delivery Time for a Progressive Die
5.3 Tooling Buy-off
5.4 An Overview of Soft Die Development