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NX One Step Forming(for Complex Sheet Metal-NX-10)-Video Tutorials/Training DVD

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NX 10 Onestep forming (Analyze Formability)


  • Introduction
  • Capability of NX-One step forming
  • Perform complete or intermediate unforming, or flatten a Sheet Metal part.
  • Output the flattened profile or spring back faceted bodies for both intermediate unforming or complete part unforming.
  • Define different constraint types, both geometry and process, to control unforming.
  • Extracting the mid surface
  • Assigning the Boundary condition
  • Assigning the draw parameters
  • Assessment for meshing and finding short edge
  • Meshing and controlling parameters
  • Tria and quad implementation and how to choose?
  • Preparing for Analysis
  • Draw Bead concept
  • Reviewing-Deformation result
  • Reviewing-Stress result
  • Reviewing-Strain result
  • Reviewing-Spring back result
  • Generating Output profile and exporting the flatten area for further work
  • Flattened shape
  • Report Generation
  • Project-1
  • Project-2
  • Project-3
  • Project-4
  • Project-5
  • Project-6