AUTO FORM Stamping Advisor-Advanced Training

(SKU ID: SO4504EAD30)
Rs. 75,000

The Key benefits of AutoForm-StampingAdviser are:

  • Rapid assessment of part and process feasibility
  • Continuous improvement of part design for stamping
  • Easy prediction of potential blank shape and nesting
  • Minimization of material usage
  • Early prediction of part costs

The Key features of AutoForm-StampingAdviser are:

  • Valuable feedback on key stamping quality issues
  • Application based on part or full tool geometry
  • Rapid geometry modification
  • Several blanking options such as sheared blank shapes (rectangular, trapezoidal and arc-shared blanks) or coil-nested shape blanks
  • Powerful and flexible set-up features

All our Training Material Delivered are Trailor made.

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