Bentley Sewer CAD/GEM V8i

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 Course Content :-

Ch-1-Sewer CAD Basics
Ch-2-SewerCAD-GEM standalone Package
Ch-3-Basics Symbology
Ch-4-Basics Dynamic Profiles and Graphs
Ch-5-Basic SewerAnd Storm water Loading
Ch-6-Basic AutoCAD Interface
Ch-7-Sewer CAD-GEM Kick start
Ch-8-Extended Period Simulation Concept deep drive
Ch-9-Design of Gravity Systems
Ch-10-Water Quality Modeling


Projects:(Total 8 nos of Projects & for completing min 15 HOURS Required)


1.Constructing a Gravity

 Network - Steady Run

2.Gravity and Pressure

3.Extended Period


 4.Geospatial Data Tools

 5.Designing a New System

 6.Catchment Hydrology

 7.Water Quality Analysis

 8.CSO Analysis   Or

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