Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® Insight Advanced Flow 2016

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Module-1-Database Management:

  • Discusses how to create personal databases of all types and how to use them.
  • Project

Module-2-Family Tools:

  • Discusses how to analyze family tools including finding processing conditions, adding studies together and balancing the runners.
  • Project

Module-3-Multiple Gates:

  • Discusses the types of multiple gate problems that occur and how to analyze them. Also discusses clamp tonnage and how to work within the limits of the molding machine.
  • Project

Module-4-Packing Optimization:

  • Discusses the procedure for reducing the variation of volumetric shrinkage on a part.
  • Project

Module-5-Part Insert Overmolding:

  • Discusses definitions and capabilities with regards to running a flow analysis with part inserts.
  • Project

Module-6-Two-Shot Sequential Overmolding:

  • Discusses capabilities of two-shot sequential overmolding, setting up the analysis, running the analysis and review­ing results.
  • Project

Module-7-Design of Experiments (DOE) Analysis:

  • Discusses the theory of DOE & how to setup an analysis and how to interpret the results.
  • Project


  • Practice what you have learned with different models presented with diverse problems.
  • Projects