SolidWorks-2013-Advanced-Video Tutorials/Training(Downloadable)

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SolidWorks-2013(Advanced)-Video Training

Chapter-1 Sheetmetal Design-Advanced

• Introduction to Sheetmetal design.

• Sheetmetal working.
• Introduction and definition.
• Sheetmetal processing.
• Shearing,bending & drawing concept.
• Blanking and punching.
• Dies and punch concept.
• Tools and accessories.
• Bending allowance calculations.
• K & Y Factors.
• Calculationg K factor.
• Sheetmetal bend table.
• Bending sheetmetal tips.

• Create base, edge, and miter flanges.
• Understand the Feature Manager Design Tree of a sheet metal component.
• Create tabs, closed corners, and hems.
• Create sketched, lofted, and jog bends.
• Break corners of sheet metal components.
• Create cuts on the flat faces of sheet metal components.
• Create the flat pattern of sheet metal components.
• Create a swept flange to a sheet metal component or sketch.
• Create sheet metal components from a flat sheet and a flat part.
• Create a sheet metal component by designing it as a part.
• Design a sheet metal part from a shelled solid model.
• Create cuts in a sheet metal component across the bends.
• Create cylindrical and conical sheet metal components.
• Generate the drawing views of the flat pattern of the sheet metal components.
• Create new forming tools.
• Edit forming tools.

• Exercises & Projects.

Chapter-2 Surface Design

• Create Extruded, Revolved, and Swept surfaces.
• Create Lofted, Planar, and Boundary surfaces.
• Create Fill and Radiated surfaces.
• Extend, trim, and untrim surfaces.
• Offset, fillet, and knit the surfaces.
• Create a Mid-surface.
• Delete holes.
• Replace and delete faces.
• Move and copy surfaces.
• Thicken a surface body.
• Create a thicken surface cut.
• Create a surface cut.

• Exercises & Projects

Chapter-3 Advanced configurations

• Work with equations.
• Add global variables.
• Suppress and unsuppress features.
• Add equations.
• Work with configurations.
• Create configurations by using design tables.
• Change the suppression state of components using the design table.
• Change the visibility of components using design table.
• Edit and Delete design tables.
• Create library features.

• Exercises & Projects

Chapter-4 Block and Mechanism

• Use tools in the Blocks toolbar.
• Save a sketch as a block in the Design Library.
• Create mechanisms by using blocks.
• Create parts from blocks.

• Exercises & Projects